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SchoolSite Online: On-Demand Maps and Demographics Reports 
						for K-12 School District Planning

SchoolSite Online TM is a unique web site and internet-based application dedicated to serving the demographic information and mapping needs of K-12 school districts throughout the United States.

Developed using the latest Geographic Information System(GIS) technology, SchoolSite Online provides secure Web access to maps of your school district including streets, attendance boundaries, student locations, aerial photography and many other layers of information. These various types of data combined with the SchoolSite tools gives your District unprecedented access to demographic reports and maps for planning which, until now, were only available to larger districts and organizations.

With SchoolSite Online, you can

  • Create and print maps at any scale of the District including streets and a variety of other layers.
  • Generate and maintain school attendance boundary maps.
  • Upload student data files for address-matching creating computer "pin-maps" of student locations.
  • Visualize patterns on a map and color-code your student population based upon user-defined database queries.
  • Perform attendance boundary planning scenarios with the SchoolSite Online redistricting tools.
  • Access community demographic reports for any area within your school district which include current year estimates and five year forecasts of population by age, socio-economics and housing data.
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